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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Uncle Abe

I just got finished reading the book: "Killing Lincoln". The book turned out to be a worthwhile read and frankly I recommend it. It's interesting, moves nicely and for the most part is solid history. I would dare say most historians or history minded people as myself would feel that way except this book has a problem.

One of it's co-authors is Bill O'Reilly from FOX NEWS. People find fault with this book solely because he wrote it. Now I totally disagree with that and I am not a fan at all of "Mr Bill". As a matter of fact looking at the cover of the book alone gets me upset because O'Reilly takes larger billing for himself then the SUBJECT OF his freaking book! A Man who happens to be one of our countries most revered figures EVER!!

But the story he tells is compelling and for anyone interested in this subject...whether they are familiar with history or NOT will find they can understand and enjoy this book...

That is my recommendation, read and enjoy the's a worthwhile read.

I have read at least a dozen works on various aspects of Lincoln and his Presidency. Each time I read one I am profoundly affected by what I have read. Lincoln is a historic hero of mine and I am typically overwhelmed by sadness at the conclusion of the book. This one was no did a great job laying out the facts, and portraying the time period in a way that makes it all easier understand that very different time in our country's history.

Don't let who the author is influence whether you should read I've said, I've read over 10 books and I am better for reading this one as is NOT a great HISTORICAL work but it is very informative and worthwhile.

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  1. i hope to read that one too.

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