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Monday, January 9, 2012

What DAY Is IT?!

Well a new chapter has begun...Kim came down from Holland today and her intention is to find work, find a place and sty here permanently. She is very determined and once her decision to do this was made the end of last summer she has been actively working toward this goal all along.

I like the situation, it feels more "real"....things are a bit more tangible this way...NOW we can"do" something about her situation instead of waiting for the responses of others. That makes a huge difference when we can actually take action on Kim's don't feel out of the loop and you can be more assertive this way. She needs to find work immediately, just put a couple of part time jobs together and try to work around 40 or more hours a week. Just start there...

Thats the deal right now...and it feels good to have her nearby....

Tonight is the National Championship for NCAA College football from the New Orleans Super should be a great game. And I sure hope so...OK gonna close tonight.

Oh one more thing I want to apologize for the inferior quality of the writing here on the SHOCK. My health and lack of sleep is seriously impacting my quality of life and my abilities to do the things I WRITE. I'm sorry.

(PHOTO: K-Tomson)

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