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Friday, January 6, 2012

Desperately Trying To Avoid blowing Smoke Out Me BUM!

Most of us recovering Alcoholic/Addicts, myself included...had to make major changes in the way we lead our lives. Our life styles, diets, jobs, marriage... nothing is sacred. Some folks find sobriety through 12 step programs like AA some have profound spiritual experiences..there are many ways that it happens. But for this post the important part here is that I had to make many major changes in the way I lived my daily life. 

I follow certain recovery guidelines in my life these days based primarily with improving myself while at the same time no longer needing to drink or drug: meditate, read and have gone through significant spiritual transitions. 

It is my personal belief that I could not have found even daily victory (one day at a time) over addiction with out a spiritual conversion. Some people will argue, that is fine but for me...the dependence on a GOD of my understanding ultimately is what brought all the various pieces together to give me a life back, day at a time.

Other people have had different experiences and I'll let them speak for themselves. Who am I to say this way I experienced is the ONLY WAY?  I really do NOT know that....I have no idea how GOD chooses to save people...I know in my heart what he wants me to do and I focus 1005 on doing that. That is all I can do....

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