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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yea, I Caved & Bought Goldfish...

I will say that I have not softened my opinion about doctors since my post this afternoon. But I imagine things will get sorted out but I'm still left with some BP concerns and I have no doctor to rely on. I told Kim that my Doc is not a Physician and he doesn't want to be...too much responsibility. No he is a "health care  provider" and that's it. He takes no oath and works 9-5 (if that). He only cares when he is on the clock...and hey, more power to him. That is his just isn't the relationship I seek with my doc.

Now the pic I posted is of my two new pet NEW that I haven't even named them yet. But I will and as soon as I do well hey..I'll let you all in on it since i know you jhust can't stand the suspense.

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