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Friday, January 6, 2012


In my last post I laid out the premise that we who were in recovery have to completely....often drastically change the way we live in order to survive and perhaps even thrive in recovery. When I originally sat down to write that post what I had intended to write about was how being ill or injured or pushed to exhaustion really affects a persons ability to focus on their recovery making them very vulnerable, in my relapse...

I have really experienced this first hand the last month or so. And the reasons are really quite obvious...when ever you are NOT focused 100% to growing in your recovery: Spiritually, emotionally, physically and psychologically...well it is my experience that you FAIL. Failure in this line 'O work often means Jails, Institutions or quite frequently...DEATH.

It isn't a joke...It's really not and it is something I take quite seriously. The other day when I was meeting with my family doctor, I disagreed with him because he doesn't see how this fatigue to this degree impacts recovery. It was starting to get dangerous for me this not sleeping at all and having him seemingly dismiss it until some sleep test at the end of January gets done...I can't wait a freakin' MONTH to SLEEP!

I have learned in recovery and as a person with many permanent injuries requiring life time care from a physician that you have to do the work...they don't really know whats going on and they are really just human. I think most mean well and work hard but they are not MAGIC and they are only as good as the information they get from you. It was critical for me to be open and honest with my doctors but to also be assertive...especially when they start to prescribe.

But that is what I'm dealing with now...maintaining my recovery and staying healthy during this "other" health crisis. I just thought I'd share that because it is definitely not something a lot of people are aware of...OK, that's all for now folks. I am trying to get on track here recovery wise and figure out the healthiest and most effective way to proceed plus pass that info on to others who may be experiencing similar things....good luck!

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