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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hanging In There!

I am getting a little frustrated with the so called "winter" weather this year. As I write this it is 50 degrees outside! The ice that finally formed on the lake for the first time this year is all but gone again. Last year at this time the lake had been frozen nearly 2 months time by the middle of January.

I happen to like having and experiencing all four seasons. I am not quite as "gung ho" about it as I used to be but still, I like having snow. And we have had very little of it this year.  The forecast does not look all that promising for a change either so I guess we are going to have to accept it the way it is. I cannot change NATURE, I realize that.

There is a great deal of chatter about the NFL and and the playoffs but I am not that interested. Same with the Presidential Election stuff....I have trouble caring.

I did find that I have Bronchial Flu (respiratory) and have signs of pneumonia so I am very happy I went to the doc yesterday. I am already on day 2 of anti-bionics. I should see some progress soon.

I am reluctant to come out full bore and say it but I have a feeling that I am started to turn a corner a bit with my health...we'll see! 

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