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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old Habits DIE HARD

Old habits die hard for me. Sick though I am and virtually bedridden at the moment, 
I still feel the necessity to write some sort of blog post. This blog is indeed about my life, the life of a person who is in recovery and let's face facts: people get ill. They have flu for a couple of days...or they could be terminally ill...perhaps they are just sick for a few weeks with Mono...there are MANY different ways to be sick. All I know is I have a long term illness that I cannot seem to properly identify OR get rid of.

And oddly I cannot at this moment tell you when or if I am going to get better. The hardest part of this situation is the fatigue. It isn't something I can easily compensate takes it's toll by making writing itself nearly impossible. I am experiencing that right now and I have to close this post.

Unfortunately this is what I was warning about in my earlier post today....Good evening folks

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