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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Resolution..Required, Please!

Honestly...I think this latest health crap is interfering with my life long love affair with coffee. Those people who know me understand that I truly love coffee and have made a routine of drinking it starting off first thing in the morning since I was 10...perhaps 11 years old. That is pushing 40 years of morning coffee, coffee after at one time was appropriate for for just about every occasion. 

I never tired of it or graduated to expensive, fancy Latte's or Ice coffee's...NOPE, just strong black coffee for me.Truly one of life's simple pleasures...

Well, when a human being goes for WEEKS with out more then an hours sleep a person gets desperate. I drastically have increased the amount of coffe I drink a day. I basically have a cup of coffee in my hand around the clock and I realize it isn't a good thing so it really has to stop.

But even when I don't drink coffee I can't get to sleep or stay that way for very long. Let's just hope this visit to the doctors tomorrow brings some resolution to this whole big mess!                         

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  1. You might want to consider changing to espresso - only because the beans are roasted differently, leaving more of the essential oils in, and being gentler on your stomach. Just a thought. I can't drink coffee any more, but I can drink espresso.
    ~~stay strong~~