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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Physically BROKEN, Spiritually STRONG.

In what has basically turned from a blog about recovery to one tracking my various illnesses...I am here to report on the latest medical changes. I now basically have the Respiratory Flu....fever, sore throat...hard, deep cough and yea, I'm am freaking really sick now in addition to the sleep deprivation, high BP, swollen feet...I am a mess. 

A joyful mess in a lot of ways...go figure that, eh?! I imagine that both of my children on reading that statement about me being a joyful mess are really scratching their heads...., WHAT?! That isn't the dad they knew...I was a lot of things when they were growing up but JOYFUL certainly was NOT one of them, hehe!

But underneath this pain and this physical brokenness is me and I am happy to sacrifice what I I must to Follow HIM...because when I do my life IS a LIFE, a full, rewarding testament to GOD'S Grace. I should not have survived several of my experiences when I was younger. There are doctor's that to this day that cannot figure out how I'm here after that suicide attempt. GOD is the only possible answer...really I cannot come up wit anything else.

I must cut this short...much more latter. 

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