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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Good Blog and a Little ANGEL

I regularly read a blog called the Burrow. The author did not use her real name and went by the pen name Ashley Burrows...This all changed a year ago when she picked up her neighbor...a little girl named Christina-Taylor Green on a Saturday morning in Tuscon, AZ to go to Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifords meet and greet at a local Safeway Market.

That is where the normal Saturday morning in January went horribly wrong when a gunman opened up on the Congresswoman and the innocent crowd. 6 were killed and 12 wounded..among the wounded were Congresswoman Gifords who was gravely wound and the blogger Ashley burrows whose real name is Susan Hileman. Her young neighbor was killed....

The one year anniversary over this senseless act was over the weekend. I wanted to recommended the blog...Ms. Hileman is a wonderful writer and I really think her blog is worthwhile. She has written about recovering from this tragedy and her feelings about taking Christina and never being able to take her home to her is deep, heartbreaking emotional stuff...I think everyone should give it a read HERE.

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