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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

COLOUR (Added)

I must say that I am quite enjoying the Military Channels new series on Word War I In Colour. Typically the purist in me wouldn't like nor accept "colorization techniques" being applied to classic war footage but there is something incredibly fascinating about seeing those scenes of outright Armageddon shown for the first time in colour, just like it was to the men who were there.

It really adds to the stark reality of the abject horror and special desolation of that War and how it was fought. Using outdated strategy and formations against the most modern of killing machines: Poison Gas, Machine Gun Fire, Airplanes, Mortars, Tanks and new Artillery. Why men do these things to each other is absolutely beyond me.

I think it was easier to accept these photos from this "Great War" when they were in black and white because it somehow didn't seem truly real...but by adding the effect of colour, even is amazing how much it does bring the horror to real life.

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