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Friday, May 25, 2012

Rat Dreams, A re-post and a Holiday Weekend

Ye-ow, it's been a strange blogging period for me...the subject matter has jumped all over the page though the main subjects have been struggle, Depression (My Black Dog) and Kim's recent set-back with her health.

Yesterday I did something that I have NEVER done (to my recollection) in 1,387 separate posts on this blog... I re-posted a blog from the past. I did so because I thought it relevant to what I am currently experiencing with my emotions.

Speaking of those emotions, I am still experiencing another "BDD" (Black Dog Day) and it is pushing a week now that this has been going on. I usually do not experience week long bouts of Depression but there is always a first time for everything...

This is the beginning of the summer season...Memorial Day Weekend so the Knuckle-Heads are out in force. They started coming The day before yesterday and pouring in last night. Tonight it will seem like the 4th of July there will be so many people here. It comes with living on the island and being a resort type place. You get used to it but there is a lot of annoying crap that goes on.

Well, I have a few yard things I need to do before it gets too hot out here so I am going to take care of the stuff now...

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