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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Sideways Glance

 Sue Ogrocki  /  AP 

I realize that last night's post: FUTILITY was bound to get some attention or stir things up. I will admit the hardened edge has softened a bit and the hurt feels less RAW this morning. But the hurt still hurts...

Relationships do not come easily to me and yet I have acknowledged and firmly believe that they are critical for one to have a healthy, full life. It is something I take very seriously...for me, isolation KILLS. That isn't said for dramatic effect it is a fact, plain and simple.

Honesty is a critical piece of those relationships and one that I refuse to compromise on. That is where I start to wonder if that position of unbending resolve is not too harsh a position to take....then it occurs to me that what I am thinking about here is compromising on honesty. Huh, No WAY,  I am sorry folks but the mere notion itself is UNTHINKABLE to me...

It is one of the few areas where I deal in absolutes...and at this point in time I will not back off that position...not an inch.
I must head to town, I promise there will be more on this subject latter today.

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