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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Not My Job To Judge

I went to church this morning as I typically do for the 8:30a service. I was feeling quite alienated as one can read about in my post from late last night.  I never know how situations like that are going to go because it really is a classic example of my "old angry, alienated, lost man world" meeting or clashing with my "new spiritual world". Honestly I wasn't so sure who was going to win. ask may I say that? I'll get right to the point...I have always had some serious issues with organized religion and in some very legitimate ways I still do. I am a Christian and I am not ashamed of that or trying to run away from it but what that means is I try to live my conduct myself to the best of my ability as Jesus would do. The Bible is pretty clear about that. Frankly there are elements of the organized church, because it is organized by human beings that is flawed: judgmental, intolerant and in my view misguided.

So when I get in a place like I am now, where I am feeling how "different" I seem to be from others...I tend to focus on that kind of stuff and take my focus off all the good things that are going on with my church. Are there people there who judge others and are unfair and intolerant in my bet. Can I be that way some time...yes I can. Can the people who are vehemently against Christianity be that way...without a doubt. We are all human...we are flawed...period, end of story. We all screw up, none of us is perfect.

That is why I read the Bible as much as I do and I do not see the intolerance in Jesus that a lot of Christians are accused of today. He just loved us, sinners and all. Not the sin., mind you but he hung out with the poor, the hurting, those who were considered "unworthy" by the religious elite who spent most of their time PLAYING GOD. That is not my job...

One of my first mentors in recovery in Holland Michigan was a Gay man in his late 60's-early 70's. He had been sober quite a awhile and he played a very critical role in those early days of my recovery. He had been with his partner for nearly 30 years...30 years totally dedicated and loyal to each other. When California passed the Law originally allowing Gay Marriage they flew out to San Francisco where my mentor Dale was from and he and Arthur got married.

I was very happy for them and had no problem with it at that time. Some folks won't like this but I have no problem with it today either...even as a Christian. Christ can judge if he so chooses...HE can accept or reject anyone of us but  let's remember...he is GOD. I on the other hand, am not and he expects me to love and accept others. I am not saying that I am taking one position on this issue or the other...I'm not. But I know that I do not judge those two wonderful friends who have been so helpful and kind to me when I was at the end of my rope.

Ultimately God decides and we all live with that for all is not my JUDGE. So I won't...

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