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Sunday, May 6, 2012


More of the same this morning my dear readers: Pain, Pain, Pain. I really struggled to physically just get myself off the bed, having had to gently roll onto the floor and use my cane to push myself becak onto my feet. I have increased some of the moderate exercises I do, in addition to doing a little extra walking yesterday. Just adding those few things contributed to my physical discomfort this morning...I have learned that I really have to monitor what I do very carefully and take any change in my routine in baby steps.But it is frustrating not being able to do very simple, basic moderate exercises without serious, painful consequences...often totally unexpected.

A great many of my recently made friends or acquaintances have no idea that I often use a cane and I do so quite often but I limit it to use mostly around the house. Today it's useful because I cannot get up out of chairs or off my the cane comes in handy, particularly when I am alone.    

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