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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Justin Verlander

File:Verlander warms up.jpg

It's really tough when someone get's this close to making history then it doesn't work out. It's been a few hours but I'm still feeling a bit  bummed out that Justin Verlander, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers took a No-Hitter all the way through the first out of the 9th Inning then gave up a weak single that ended his chances to make history by throwing a No-Hitter. It's so deflating to get that close to closing the deal then having it fall apart and I feel bad for him. But hey, I'm not gonna feel too sorry for him...he is still one of best pitchers in the game today. His effort tonight, in-spite of not getting the No-No was fabiluous...hats off to this amazing ball player, it's just a real treat to watch him pitch!

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