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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Disheartening Reality...

Yea...I am one sore puppy right now. I am hurting from over exertion. I was working in the yard yesterday, my back, neck, knees, name it they are all in rare, painful form. This is the kind of pain that I've had continually in the past that had me thinking death was better then living like this. I could still get there if I thought about it too much.

It's excruciating...and enough to make even the sanest, strongest person beg for mercy from God. I hate messes with your literally feels like you're loosing your mind when the waves of pain wash over and through you...then repeated full shocks of pain in specific extremities...i have always called those shocks..."Jolts".

I am having difficulty sitting in this chair as I write literally feels as though though the lower half of my body will separate from the top other words, just break in two.

OK...not sure why I felt I had to share that disheartening reality with all of you tonight but I am being honest so there it is.

The next post will be more positive kiddies...I promise!

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