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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Worth IT!

It's kind of a strange thing for me but lately the words haven't really been coming very easily for me. I've stated here before that often these posts tend to write themselves, frequently coming to me faster then I can type them out. Not that the posts now are forced but I've just noticed that they are coming a little more slowly right now.

This isn't the first time this has happened and I believe it just goes to show that I have been a bit distracted lately and haven't really FELT like my normal self. I do have a great  many things on my mind right now but hey...who doesn't. I tend not to let a little writers block get me too worked up...after all it does come with the territory when you write as much as I have lately.

I guess the one aspect of all this that is a concern is that I don't want to see the quality of the overall blog be affected. I take an awful lot of pride in what I do and I work hard at it...mainly by posting several items a day..basically I write a lot, putting great effort into it and I will admit that it did not always come easily to me but the effort at making it an interesting, factual work was more then worth it. I have always believed that is what this blog is all about more then just being funny or a distraction. I have always wanted Shell Shock Serenade to serve as an educational tool on the subject of addiction and sexual assault in addition to being a conversational item as well. I hope we've achieved some success in that area.


  1. You posts are a great help to many, I am certain. Keep writing. We're reading. xo

  2. :-) Thank you Christine, I appreciate that very much. Kind of a weird time right now, I don't quite feel like a cylinders are firing at once the way that they should.