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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day Of The (BLACK) Dog

I am experiencing one Black Dog Day after another and this time they do appear to be getting increasingly more serious, more intense, more...troubling. The longer I think about what is going on these last few days...not so much in my day to day life but between my ears..the more troubled and concerned I am. This period of Depression has clamped it's jaws down on me pretty effectively.

I would say that the average period of sustained "Dog Days" for me lately is a day or two and then it passes about as quickly as it appeared. This I think the reader can discern is bothering me a great deal and most certainly has gotten my attention. I have no clue why it has happened for life seems to be going rather well.

Well, now that I think about it...I take that back because the last day and a half K has really been ill and it is rather serious. I blogged about her issues in some previous posts: Here and Here. So that has obviously added to my stress, worry and concern but typically that isn't something that contributes to "The Dog" episodes. No, crisis type situations typically will SNAP ME OUT OF My Depression, not contribute to it.

So I guess the point of this post is that I am baffled because this is an unusual scenario even for me...who quite often has weird stuff going on in their life. I need to keep active, it's a cliche but in this case it's very true staying active, physically moving is good for what is ailing me. 

Just spoke to Kim here at 4:30a...she is unable to work again today because of her illness. Her face is very swollen, she is weakened from loss of iron and the heavy doses of antibiotic. We are just going to have to trust the Creator on this one because there isn't anything else she can do. She has worked so dang hard to get where she is and the obvious concern is that they will hold this against her and it will prevent them from hiring her. 

I have to believe they know how good of employee she is and I know they believe she is sick. They have seen her face and have been very concerned so i hope it all works out.

I am just the type of person who worries about such things...i fret about them and they drive me crazy...but there is absolutely NOTHING I can do about it right now but take care of Kim. Because the truth is she was and is still really sick.

OK...enough for a 4am post, haha...we'll write at 'cha more later.

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