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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sports, Confession and a 'Quickie"...

Memorial Day Sunday...The Indy 500 and The NASCAR Coca-Cola 600...American auto racing's biggest day. Last night the Purdue Boilermaker Baseball Team won the Big Ten Tourney for the first time ever, so off they go to the College World Series. Lot's of Baseball, NBA Playoff's and Hockey's Stanley Cup Playoff's. Yea...Americans love their sport...Oh and the US Men's soccer Team seems to be hitting their stride under new coach Jurgen Klinsmann who was a huge star for Germany's team in the 80's/90's. is great and I obviously enjoy it myself. I have always enjoyed the Memorial Day 3 Day Weekend as is the traditional beginning of Summer in America. The Lake here is packed and today temps are expected in the 90's F so it should really be hopping out there today. The Island Golf Course was also packed yesterday and  I'm happy for my good buddy Marty who runs the golf course, because it has been kind of a strange and slow start to this year's golf season.

Well I'm headed out early this morning so I shall close. But before I do I have a little confession to make...I'm not sure if I have ever let a day go by since I started Shell Shock Serenade where I have posted something new at least once a day. Well yesterday it was getting late when I realized that I hadn't posted anything so I admit that I whipped up a "quickie" to keep my streak alive. Hey, I'm only human! Have a great day folks and Be Safe!


  1. What, Juergen Klinsmann is coaching the U.S. team now? Wow, I didn't know that.

    Greetings from the Old Continent :)

    1. Yes and he started his tenure by losing his first 4 or 5 matches because he instituted an whole new strategy. But he followed that up by winning like 6 spent enough time in the Sates Chris, Americans do NOT like losing. We're rather ornery when we don't win...

      Old Continent...I wondered. I've always wondered where you lived but never asked because I suppose it's part of your mystery now, haha!

      Have a great day...94 degrees in the mid-west so we are trying to stay cool.

    2. Haha poor Juergen, I'm glad he got the hang of it eventually.

      I was always open on the blog about the fact that I'm from Europe. The actual country or city are no mystery per se, it's more that I consider my geographical location less relevant than the content of my blog. Funny you should mention it, June 1 will be exactly one year since I came back from the States. Anniversaries always make me pensive.