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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Knuckle-Head Spawn

Today is one of those gorgeous, unspeakably beautiful days you think about in Michigan when it's the middle of January, -5 below zero with a foot and a half of snow on the ground and a 30 mile an hour wind. When you ask yourself how in your right mind do you explain ever wanting to live in such a god-forsaken place...well you think about amazing days like this: 82 degrees, no humidity, full sun and a light breeze coming in off the lake. Oh's stunning.

Of course there is a downside. The KNUCKLE-HEADS are back...when you live in a Summer resort oriented area you deal with Knuckle-Heads...lot's of them (Summer-People). Drunk, loud, obnoxious, they spend thousands on golf carts and jet-skis so they don't have to EVER watch their kids...nope, the Knuckle-Head Spawn ride around all day, doing stupid dangerous stuff on the road (or in your yard) or on the water while the majority of their parents get hammered on booze, shoot off thousands of dollars of fie works and chase each others spouses around trying to fornicate...You think I'm kidding?!  You're say the least.

It would be (and sometimes is a little bit) funny if it wasn't so sick and dangerous and negligent....etc., etc. But obviously it changes the peaceful, serene surroundings of the island and the lake. Thankfully the worst of the shenanigans are limited to holidays and weekends for the most part so you can live with it. But this is the weekend before Memorial Day...most schools in Indiana are getting out and since a large proportion of the Summer Spawn are from Ft Wayne and Indy and we are 2 miles north of the Indiana border that impacts us in a big way. Next week will be worse simply because there is a 3 day weekend.

Until we meet again my friends....


  1. Up here in Canada it is beautiful, and it is our 3 day weekend this weekend. I grew up in a resort town on the shores of Lake Huron, so I hear ya on the knuckle-heads. Except most of ours were from Michigan ... LOL. ;)

  2. OK B, you got me with the Michigan Knucklers crack...I hear 'ya, we aren't immune from having 'em from here either, unfortunately!

    1. Drinking age in Ontario is 19. Drinking age at the time, at least, in Michigan was 21. We had a campground out behind the bar where I worked. So all kinds of American kids would come up and not be used to a bar, or Canadian beer and liquor (higher alcohol contents). It often was really, really annoying.

      We had shirts printed with the "If they call it tourist season, why can't we shoot them?" saying on them, but our boss wouldn't let us wear them at work ...

    2. I've seen shirts that say the same thing. I owned some property in Lake City MI, a big tourist destination in N Michigan for hunting, snowmobiling, etc. At one of the bars there, ironically called The Hollywood (this place was a dive and Lake City was about as far from Hollywood as you could get) everyone from the owner to the servers wore them...I never saw anyone take offence though i thought it was kind off "ballsy" since their likelihoods depended on the tourist dollar!

    3. Ahhhhh . . . the unspeakable joys of living on the Island!!!!!