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Monday, May 28, 2012

In Remembrance...

Today we observe Memorial Day in The United States. We take a day...a long weekend really to remember those who have fallen. Many people have kind of morphed this into a holiday honoring those who served in the military...particularly during war time. I believe those folks should be recognized and honored for their service and their sacrifice. And they are with their own holiday as well: Veterans Day.

But I often think with all that focus being paid to the Vets we forget what this holiday is truly about: Those who gave THEIR LIVES in the service of their Country. I follow the American Battle Monuments Commission page on FaceBook and I like it because it reminds me EVERYDAY what these people did so we can be, FREE!

So today, by all means thank a Vet but also take a moment to stop and say a little prayer to those who made the ULTIMATE Sacrifice, often in the very PRIME of their lives, so we Americans can enjoy the FREEDOM we have today.

God Bless You and THANK YOU!


  1. Thank you, for what you said, but also for how you chose to say it. As a neighbour to the north, ignorant of the history of Memorial Day (until last night when I looked it up) I didn't realize that is was "strictly" to commemorate the fallen. (and "strictly" American fallen, at that) It was, however, pointed out to me quite harshly in another forum. Your explanation is much more ... gentle.

    I now realize the main focus of the day; but I, for one, cannot think about those that didn't come home with out also thinking of the one that only came part way home, and the people that love them. I did publish an apology to those I offended in the other place, but not a retraction of my original sentiment.

    Tap and drink.

    1. B...I am sorry to hear that someone acted that harshly....that is very uncalled for. I think we ("WE" meaning people of all countries need to recognize the service of our Vets, active and retired). My point was solely to remind folks that we need to remember the fallen as well.

      Here in the States there tends to be a feeling of collective guilt for how we treated out Vets returning home from Vietnam which was disgraceful. Now we tend to go to great lengths to recognize them which is great but I didn't want anyone to forget the fallen. That is kind of a rough "American" trait to to almost act that if a person is gone they no longer are useful so they don't rate the attention. It's ridiculous!

      I think I think we can honorably do both and should. Thank you for your comment...T