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Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Can Be Quite Defensive But What Do You Expect, I am A Know-It-All

I pretty much tend to think I always have everything figured out. I have kind of been this way all of my life really but in my teenage years, everyone (meaning PARENTS) brushed it off as the rebellion of youth but I just knew that I was smarter then most people. And I was blessed with a pretty good brain but in hindsight...I wasn't ALL THAT special and I basically. was full of sh*, beans..

I just tended to know what I wanted and felt confident that I knew how to go about getting it done...Of course my addiction and all the chaos, heartbreak and trouble that came with the downfall taught me a valuable lesson about humility and I am extremely grateful for that.

I learned that making mistakes, being wrong
and being able to admit my weakness's was NOT a weakness after all but a strength, a very valuable and tangible strength.
So I have tried, with varying amounts of success to harness and or eliminate that natural tendency to be defensive and to act like a know-it-all instead I try and admit my mistakes. 

So far I have been pleased with the result but it isn't easy, I must keep trying, stay humble and do my best.

This morning I am on my way outside into the cold morning chill to get a little exercise...If you're interested, well come join me!

We'll see you back here on SSS a little bit later...

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