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Friday, May 18, 2012

Serenity & LOVE

As I sit here at my computer this morning I can hear the early morning birds breaking out in their familiar always amazes me how loud that actually is. It is a rare occurrence living on a lake when we have no wind at all but that is exactly the scenario this morning so the "Birdsong Choir" as it were is coming through even louder and clearer then normal this fine Mid-May morning.

I have really come to appreciate the small, noticed details of our life here on the planet. The smell of a large pine forest or cut grass. The Birdsong or water lapping in waves against the shore. There most certainly is a serenity in my life today that not only NEVER existed in the past but was so far out of the realm of possibility that I never even considered it!

I have often shared about my difficulties sleeping here on Shell Shock but I want to take a minute to share something special and quite dear to me. I have mentioned here on the blog that Kim and I are celibate, have been for years. But we often have slept together, taking naps most Sundays after church. When K is here...I sleep. I don't know why...I was always a person that could never sleep and snuggle at the same time. I always slept without touching my partner in the past. 

Kim works 10m hour days, Monday through Thursday...working from 6a-4p. she has to get up at 3:30am and leave at 4:45a to make her hour commute to work each day to Hillsdale, MI. Even so there were several nights this there have been every week since she moved two houses down from me where she stays over here until 12:30am or so when i have fallen asleep with her beside me and then she walks home to her own bed. That is how much she cares about me...

And that stuns me that anyone would care that that concerned about me especially since I am retired now and often don't "have" to get up early.

I don't really know what else to say about this wonderful, hardworking selfless lady that i am so blessed to have in my life..except, I love you Babe!

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