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Thursday, May 3, 2012

On Me Noggin'

ABC News

I am really not a big , daily follower of the news. I've never faithfully watched it on TV in the morning or the evening. I do not watch the Cable News Channels except at the airport or in the lobby of the auto repair because they have it on their TV. I do scan the headlines on line and since I am a big follower of various sports...if there is a news story that has any major sports component, like this Junior Seau story right now then I will definitely be aware of it.

Well this morning there have been a few news things that have my attention and in one for or fashion, they have gotten to me. Since these are things that resonate with me right now...things that are "on me noggin'" as I call it I figured it was relevant to share my thoughts and feelings about them here...

Junior Seau, the long time NFL Football Player took his own life yesterday by shooting himself in the chest...he was 43. There was no real reason that any one can put their finger on right now. He did get charged last year in connection with a fight with his girlfriend but nobody has come forward saying they had any reason to believe he was distraught or suicidal. It is interesting that he shot himself in the chest just like former football player Dave Duerson did but Duerson had brain damage from football, it was documented and he said in his suicide note he intentionally didn't shoot himself in the head because he had left his brain for scientific studies of traumatic brain Injury...from football not from a bullet wound obviously..

I mention this because as I have stated before nothing takes the proverbial "wind out of my sails" then hearing that someone..ANYONE took their own life. It saddens me to the very core of my being` and it instantly transports me to that emotional place where I tried to kill myself. The feeling will usually linger and yes it is like having my own personal black cloud following me around. I just wish as a society...we could find a we to reach people before they reach this level of despair and hopelessness but we obviously have not gotten there yet. It does start with awareness and these deaths of famous, well know people do bring a highed exposure and awareness to the issue but is it enough? I'm afraid we do not know.

The second thing "on me noggin'" this morning is the Blind Chinese Activist, Chen Guangcheng who went to the US Embassy in China for help because he believes his life is in danger. It sure looks to me like the US Government sold this guy down the river because they didn't want to upset the BIG, BAD Chinese HONCHOS on the eve of discussions between our two countries. 

It appears that we booted him out of the Embassy, saying he wanted to go but he is saying the Chinese Government  threatened to slaughter his whole family (that old motivator is an oldie but a goody..."It's OK Chen, stay in the US Embassy, we don't care it's up to you...except that we will just kill EVERYONE you ever cared about in the most evil and painful way possible. Oh you want to leave now...GOOD BOY, We knew you would!" And once again  we in the US BEND OVER for the makes me sick.

This guy will be in the news over there for awhile...the Chinese government will film him and his family at the Beijing Zoo with the Panda Bears, him teaching a college class, the whole clan having a picnic....then he will disappear forever and when asked about him in 5 years the Chines government will go: "who? We know no one by that must be mistaken". The good old Chinese Government..they are always RIGHT you know.

So those are a couple of little ditties that are on my mind this morning...we'll check back later today...until then, have a great morning!


  1. I've been learning of these two stories as well. Very heartbreaking. I wonder if there is anything to the head trauma cases some people are talking about...

  2. I definitely think there is something to it and so does the NFL because they have really been cracking down on hits to the head and have put in very strict rules regarding players who have suffered concussions. Clearly they are bracing for litigation.

    Hey loved the "professional pic" on twitter to...yea if folks only REALLY knew us, right, lol!!!?