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Monday, May 21, 2012

"Mustn't Grumble"

High-street terror: The incredible destruction of the Blitz is revealed in this image as a double decker bus is plunged into a bombed crater
I have been in a rather intense and reflective mood this morning to go along with the pattern from the last few can check that out via my last few posts, beginning with "Pain Man". Even though this can feel or look like a set-back to others reading about it here, I don't look at it like that at all.
Standing tall: The spire of the Central Criminal Court - better known as the Old Bailey - rises defiantly in a landscape scarred by a heavy German air raid
First I've had no thoughts of drinking or using drugs...that my friends is the ULTIMATE danger sign. Two...I now know after being in recovery for awhile that the majority of good, productive growth typically comes from dealing with hardship and learning how to cope and over come it.  That has held true for the entire length of my time in sobriety.

I know now that me getting all worried and excited about "down" periods like this tends to only make things worse. I realize you cannot ignore it but I think having an active spiritual life has injected some rational calm and serenity into a situation where I used to try and control things....and in the end that would only mess things up even more.

Must run for now but I'll leave you with one of my favorite sayings that Londoners were fond of using during "The BLITZ" in WWII when their beloved city was being pummeled by the Nazi Bombers: We "Mustn't Grumble!". So I will accept that sometimes life is just hard, that's all but I will trust that God's got it so I will persevere and keep pushing forward...always remember that I "Mustn't Grumble"

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