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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tired, Concerned And Plum Tuckered Out....

It has been a very long night....another night without any sleep and I am very concerned about K. The infection has swelled the whole right side of her face and it looks so painful. She is working for this company through a temp service and is trying so hard to get hired in, she didn't need this set-back. Plus she is very much weakened from the infection and the low Iron.

She had a doctors slip but she went to work anyway and they told her she was in good shape with them, they know she is sick (just by taking one look at her face!) and not pulling a fast one so she is now home where she belongs. I am really concerned about her.

They did say that it would continue to swell today then the anti-biotic would kick in so she just needs to rest today. So that is what she is going to do. I have some business to in town this morning then I hope to catch up on then I have to stop and rest. So that's the plan...

I'll update later on Kim's I'll see you then.

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