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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Baby Is Hurtin' Tonight!

I am pretty upset tonight. We had a bit of a medical scare with K-Sue this evening and I am still really worried about her and am thankful she is only a two minute walk down the street. 

She had a weird red bump on her face and it was inflamed and hot to the touch. It turned out to be infected. She got an IV and anti-biotic but that was not the worst of it. Her Iron was "dangerously low" according to the doctor in the ER, actually 2 doctors spoke to us. They wanted to admit her and give her a complete blood transfusion. It would mean two days in Hospital w/out insurance, needless to say she refused and now I am really concerned about her.

She has dealt with low Iron and feels that they were over exaggerating...which may indeed have been the case. I do not trust that hospital after having some serious issues with them myself. So we shall see. Then the idiots just sent her home with a pain pill prescription AFTER she told them NO, she was a recovering addict and did not want it. So we tore it up but she never should have been given it in the first place.

So I'm really thinking about my baby tonight...

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  1. Best wishes to Kim and to you. Hope she recovers soon. So hard when someone you love is hurting.