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Friday, March 16, 2012

Arrogant and Mis-Guided...SUN-Days

I was never one of these people whose moods followed the weather. Some folks are really affected by it especially during certain seasons, Winter  probably more then any other. I'm not a sun worshiper either and again a lot of people seem to feel better about things, life, themselves, their work, marriage, etc. when the days are bright and sunny. I like overcast days probably even more because my eyes are rather sensitive to the sun.

But even I have to admit, this stretch of summer-esque weather we are having has been a real treat. Mid-March in Michigan, even souther lower Michigan is still winter-time. It's not unusual to get snow or ice storms but typically the weather is cold, lows in the 30's and high's in the 40's with some crazy variation at times. It's not usual to have a 60 degree day here and there just like it's not strange to get snow but we are on the 4th day of temps around 70 or better and this is expected to continue until NEXT Thursday, another WEEK!

I have all the spring chores (that I am physically able to do) done already and have played more 9 hole rounds of CG (Crippled Golf) already then I did before mid-June of last year (I had surgery in May that caused me to miss nearly 4 weeks). I've been barefoot, wearing's been a delight and I really love it. 

Oddly I had some weird attitude in the past that being influenced by the weather was somehow...beneath me! Talk about mis-guided and doubt I was!

Time to head into to town for a book study then back here for the day...

(PHOTO: Kathy Tomson)

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