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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I lived nearly 50 years and most of the time you just can't figure life has it's own way. Just a couple of days ago there was a bunch of uncertainty about my girlfriends living situation and in 2 days all that has completely gone's been taken care of and in a most spectacular way with her living nearly next door here on the Island and in a great situation.

One of the great concerns we have for her is about security...her X constantly uses their daughter to try and control/manipulate K and gain knowledge of her where abouts. 6 years after their divorce he still demands that if she doesn't answer his phone call right away (this is when K does not have their daughter with her) that she provide him with another # (like mine or my parents) so he can immediately call us and ask where she is. Needless to say that ain't happening. 

But now she is living with a retired Michigan State Police Officer (She had well over 20 years on the force) so we feel better about My girlfriend's well being because there is this "stalker" element to his behavior. What's sick is he think's it's his "right" to have this kind of access and information because they had a child. He's a loose cannon, can't control his emotions and lives in a dream world where he truly believes he is always in the right...I have never quite seen anyone so deluded and misguided.At times it seems like he is in middle school an jealous but the fact that he is a grown man takes any element of "innocence" makes her nervous and it's scary in addition to being annoying.

We had no idea this opportunity would present itself for this truly is a gift and we are really quite grateful.

So in a couple days time it's like the world...or our world view TILTS and everything has changed...for the better. It looks hopeful and the future bright(er) least for today!

Have a wonderful morning....we'll catch around...probably outside since it's going to be in the mid 80's today and SUNNY! What a trip this weather pattern has been for mid-March in Michigan.

(Pic by KT)

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