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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Last POST I Wrote....

The last post, I wrote here on Shell Shock Serenade was a post that I have often had written  over the last two years but never actually went through and posted it.  The reason being it was critical of my X-Wife and there were several reasons why I didn't think it was appropriate to do it at the time. None of them were because what I wrote wasn't true...I firmly believe with all my heart that what is written here is's my opinion, my view on the story but not sensationalized or exaggerated. If anything it remains a little defensive of her and understated.

I really did not want folks thinking I was still obsesssing or angry at her when in fact I had made peace with the whole situation a long time ago. But one thing that I had NEVER done in any form or fashion outside of therapy was tell the story as I experienced it. As time went on  I kept thinking that it would never have to be done...that I could get away with leaving it interesting choice of a word,  think.

Because ignoring it was living a lie and it became important to let the truth be known. This blog is all about openness, honesty and transparency. So that is what I did and I have no regrets....I doubt that I will ever speak of the matter as a stand alone subject ever again because I think the post covered my experience and the feelings, the terrible feelings that went along with it

I wish her only the best..but people make mistakes and screw up....nobody is exempt from that if you are human. Again we've never debated or discussed it and we never will. I suspect she wouldn't be happy if she read my post but hey, it wasn't mean to appease or entertain. It was not a lot of fun living through it so I can relate.

But that's the story on this morning's post. When I sat down to  write this morning this subject never crossed my mind. That is so typical of my posts...they often go where they want or I believe NEED to go and this one definitely did. I feel closure now. For some reason by not telling my experience in detail I felt like I was lying about it, covering it up...for HER.

Now I feel released and I think it was done ethically and fairly....

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