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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Second Chance

The "feeling very much like a human" me is alive and  crackin'. And yes it 'tis another gorgeous day on the planet!
But for all that positive thinking and bravado...I am a bit pre-occupied and yea...a little worried. Kim really needs to find a more permanent place to live. She has a good job and things are really looking good right now Right now renting a room from someone, perhaps an elderly person or couple who needs a bit of help around the house/yard...she is perfectly suited for that kind of situation. or a really any kind of scenario as long as it's healthy: That means no drinking/drug and preferably no smoking.

I know that worrying won't help but she has come so far I'd like to see her find a healthy, positive situation there. Renting an apartment on her own is too much money right now as she is trying to get re-established and pays child support. It will work itself out..I just have a funny feeling it will because she really has come so darn far, so fast that I have to figure it's meant to be.

We've had a couple near misses with this home for Kim that got our hopes up only to be dashed but Thats all part of the deal...things will work out. It's just hard to sit on the side-lines when Kim has worked so hard and (in my opinion) deserves another go at it.

So we'll see what happens, i just have to trust a bit more and leave it at that.

Didn't sleep well last night which is a bummer but with a day like this...I'll get over it!                                                                                                                                  `

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