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Monday, March 26, 2012

Curve Ball! So What ELSE is New?

The Job interview for Kimmi was postponed due to the
fact that the guy doing the interviewing didn't show up for work today because he called in sick. Nobody thought to give the three applicants interviewing a "heads up" so they all showed once again there was a SNAFU related to a job interview for Kim. She has experienced more of this Mickey-Mouse un-professionalism during this recent job search then I can believe, there really has been an unusual amount of strange circumstances, issues and cancellations. Sure stuff happens once in awhile...this is the third time she has had a major, scheduled interview with a national firm and they have forgotten her appointment, cancelled with out communication or changed the time AFTER she had seems really screwy to me.

Thats all I'm going to say about it because it sent me into a funk that I really don't understand...I suppose its just a bit 'o the Black Dog wagging it's tail a bit and me feeling a bit work down. I can just be wired way too tightly for this kind of life, and I do miss the intensity of living life on the fly. This domestic stuff would be OK if people and companies kept their commitments and communicated effectively. But I have to accept this is the way it is and move on. EVENTUALLY something HAS to give...I would think.

So we wait for Friday for that Interview and she starts a new Temp position tomorrow and it sounds like a winner so we'll let her ride and see what happens. Maybe this is the spot....I think it is just a case where it is easy to start getting burned out on the time frame, the repeated changes and her credit K is doing much better being patient and accepting the fact that it takes time and stuff is going to happen.

Anyway...we shall see and I will practice at turning it over and taking things as they come, typically One Day At A Time!

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