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Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Stuff Going On For K-SUE!!

It's been a pretty cool day and I am going to just cut to the chase because I am really tired and I have an 8 am meeting in town. Tonight Kim has found a home..a room to rent that quite frankly is almost too good to be true. The woman lives in a house two houses away from me on the island. She is 65 and had a stroke a few years back...she is a retired Michigan State Highway Patrol Officer with 20 odd years in the service. Her best friend and next store neighbor is an active State Police Officer.

The rent is very affordable, location is...a football field AWAY. This was definitely meant to be and we are thrilled. The owner is a very good friend and there really are no strings attached. Both parties can become uncomfortable and move on but there is definitely something cool going on between the two of them so I couldn't be more pleased.

OK time to turn in...I have an early morning meeting and then the day really begins...All I can say is thanks to the folks who were thinking about Kim and praying for her.

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