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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How Cool Is THAT?!

The picture above was taken this morning from my front yard...yea on the lake the road side is the back yard even though the front of the house faces that direction...go figure, it's a Lake thing or perhaps it was my grandfather's thing....anyway, it  is what it is. But i posted it on FaceBook with the Caption: Good Morning GOD! Because that is the way I feel today when I get up...I am so grateful to have another day on the planet...I appreciate each and EVERY                                                                                                                                            day for what it is. It's a cliche, I get that but I am just so happy to be alive, to have the life I have today.

I know I drive a lot of my Face Book Friends crazy because I am often posting quotes in my Status and often they are spiritual in nature, often direct biblical verses or scripture that's meaningful to me personally. But to my wonderful friends and family's awesome credit, they bear with me and no one has criticized me for it though I can't say that I'd blame them .

I am an intense guy...I always have been and I tend to NEVER do anything half way so maybe folks who know me have just accepted that. It's possible because  I have some first rate people in my life and they accept me the way I am...and I am so freaking grateful for that and for them. It didn't used to be that way. The only people who associated with me wanted something from me and they used was mutual though and worked both ways.

K and I started off our relationship that way. Most people who know us think we've been in a romantic relationship all these years...nope we never really were. We did not become boyfriend and girlfriend until this time last year. That's right March of 2011 and even then it has been a relationship where we have refrained from having sex...because we wanted to have a healthy relationship. It didn't start out for religious reasons because 5 years ago I wasn't a Christian but I just knew I couldn't really handle it. I wanted to focus on being healthy emotionally, physically, psychologically and yea...spiritually.       

It just worked out better this way...for the both of us. Because neither her nor I knew what a healthy relationship even was. She was coming from an unhealthy, abusive situation...all her relationships were psychologically abusive and she is still fighting through those. My relationships were a mess as well so we focused on that and left the other stuff alone. Thank GOD we did because it worked out for the best this way and now we are just waiting until we're married because we's kind of cool actually.    

It never bothered me but I think it embarrassed Kim a bit because she used to lie about it. I know when she was going through her divorce she actually told me that she lied to her X and said we were together when we weren't but I think she personalized and thought my commitment to her wasn't real since we weren't doing "IT". Now she understands but it was tough at first.

We have had an unusual relationship from the start and people have always had a hard time trying to figure it out...that's fine I have always liked it that way. I have never felt so comfortable with another person as I do with her...and 
I think that's because our relationship was built on a foundation of of friendship and trust...everything else started from there. 

I can't wait to see what happens next and I have never felt that way before about my life. I'm actually optimistic, how cool is that!??

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