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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sick AGAIN! - A Troubling Scenario

I suppose there is some cosmic sense of natural scientific balance at work element of real life physics. What am I talking about, you ask? 

Yesterday we received some pretty (potentially) significant news that could have a really positive affect on our (Kim and I ) future. It is that Holy Cow is this REALLY finally going to happen...kind of way!. I also have several wonderful things going on related to ministry that I really couldn't wait to get to church this morning and share some of this with several of the parties involved. 

And I did not sleep a wink last night and am too ill to attend! It is extremely frustrating. At 1:30p today we have an appointment at the church to meet with our marriage counseling partners and I have to make attendance there at the counseling the top priority this time and we will. Especially  with the recent things that have just happened. So once again Kim has to go out and not only hold down the fort but represent me to several people who need to know where I am physically and in relation to being active again in their ministry... 

Chaplain Dave and the Jail Ministry (The Forgotten Man) is what's most troubling me today and on my heart at the moment. I really wanted to have a few minutes face to face with Dave and I am not not fit enough to do it and keep my appointment this afternoon.    

I also  wanted to meet with the Pastor of my church, Shayne but that is not happening today either. But that was more to start getting things together for a new ministry. 

So I am overwhelmed physically...I have not slept, I cannot venture more the 20 feet safely from a bathroom.

OK I need to try and sleep and not let my anger, resentment and  fears get the better of me. The LORD has this, he does....he's got it and I need to focus the first time all night on my getting some good healthy nourishment and sleep...                                                              

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