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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Quick Glance Back...(But it ain't a re-post!!)

One of the things that I have never done here on Shell Shock Serenade is re-post old blogs...basically to "fulfill my commitment" to post something everyday. Well for one I have NO such commitment and two...the point of the blog is to capture the life of this recovering person "as it happens". So there isn't any real reason why I would feel the urge to do that. Plus I suppose it's EGO too, I like looking at that number of total posts (this will be post 1251) and know that those are ALL originally written blog posts.

But I occaisionally read an older post...usually because I notice that an old one is suddenly getting several "hits" and I'm curious about the it. Early this morning that is exactly what I did and it turned out to be a post entitled MFT's- The ISLAND. MFT's stands for "My Favorite Things and the "ISLAND" is where I make my home: Iyopawa Island in Coldwater Lake, Michigan.

At one time I had an idea that I would periodically post on "My Favorite Things" and unfortunately I don't think I wrote more then a couple before they stopped coming. Which is a shame because I truly like the idea and found it thing I've learned in life (and blogging) is people really do like to find out who and what you are , they want to "know you" and I'm cool with that. This was a nice way to let folks know a bit about me (other then all the sordid details of addiction, sexual assault, etc) I thought, a way to learn about my background, the positive aspects of my childhood and life in general....Of course this blog still exists so nothing is really stopping me from continuing and I just may.

So today I figured I'd write a post like this, so it obviously is an original but link the old post because I believe it may be interesting to some of the readers who weren't around on March 2, 2011 when it was written. I suspect then like now, the post appeals to me because I'm starting to think about Summer...when this Island is most active and alive.

Today we are expecting temps in the mid-60's...yep 60's...just 2 days after having a 2 inch snowfall...welcome to Spring-time in Michigan! It's really breezy but beautiful out and that gets everyone out of their house and into the up the debris of winter. Winter...this was by far the mildest winter I have experienced since I moved to Michigan from Worthington (Columbus), Ohio in 1984. We have had some cold weather but very little snow. I don't think we had a snowfall of more the 5 inches at any one time all season.

Anyway I'm off track here with the weather...I'm heading out side to pick up a few sticks before going into town this morning so the weather is definitely on my brain. Perhaps a little CG (Crippled Golf) is in the cards...this afternoon if I am up for it. We will have to play that one by ear.

But if you have a couple minutes..hit the link and read why Iyopawa Island is my favorite place on earth.

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