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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Nightfall on the's cold again, much like it should be this time of year but since we have had such amazingly warm weather, most of us are spoiled.  I still enjoy it even though with the brisk wind that has accompanied it the last 3 days it could be almost nasty.

Well tomorrow is another milestone day with a big job interview for K-Sue at 10am plus her new Temp job is 4-10 hour days, Monday - Thursday so she had the day available. It will be nice having her around. We almost have her moved into the new place and that is another situation where things could NOT have worked out any better realistically. She lives 3 houses away and has a marvelous room, her own bathroom, run of the entire house/yard, access to the lake/paddle boat                                                                                                                                                                                               and even her own parking space in the garage...too freaking cool!

It will be a great situation for everyone involved...a true win/win and that is rare.

I actually don't think there will even be any real negative separation we both definitely "GET" that this whole series of events and situations is the work of something greater then logic can explain or account for. Too much has happened in such a brief period of isn't way, no how.

I have complained recently, perhaps even here on the SHOCK that it never seems like Kim has never really gotten one of life's big breaks...I  honestly think it has finally just happened here in the last few weeks!

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