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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BOOMERS..Thunder NOT Baby Ruled The NIGHT!

Man did we have some thunder-BOOMERS last night and a long, hard rain. Now with the warm weather predicted we should start looking like it's Spring around should really green up. 

I am not typically a guy that gets all excited about Spring coming then Summer but I think I am changing. I am looking forward to be outside more...a lot more. I made some major changes in my diet over the weekend. When my stomach was giving me so much trouble last spring, summer into fall I was eating only stuff I could tolerate which lead to a great deal of ice cream...I got out of control and was eating way too much of it. I didn't used to drink much soda but I started drinking a couple soda a day to calm my stomach.

Well I tried Coke ZERO which has ZERO calories and I liked it a great deal. Its the only soda I will drink. So I am under going a major switch in eating habits and its going OK but I don't feel so good sometimes which is a [pattern when I make major changes in my diet. I am cutting out a TON of sugar so that makes a difference as well.

I am trying to walk and get on the X (exercise Bike) but my back and legs have been really a struggle...they are bothering me a great deal. I just need to do what I can and tread lightly...I cannot afford (literally) to get hurt again.

I'm off to town for a book study so perhaps we will check in later...

(Stonewall Jackson Statue on Henry House Hill 1st Battle Of Bull Run)

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