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Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm a CLOWN...or just getting OLD!

I am either getting way too old, the old cliche about burning too many brain cells as a youth is true or I'm just plain losing my mind... probably (D) All Of The Above, haha! A week ago I got a card for Kimi's Birthday, filled it out, sealed it and then...YEA, What?! I don't know what I did with it! I wanted Kim to get the card before she left for work at 5a...didn't happen.

So I put another card together for her for this afternoon and a few minute ago I find the original one! I had "filed it" in the burn bag...DUH! But now she gets two cards, ha ha!

Just another example of my AGING and I had to do it on HER 40th BIRTHDAY...oh well, what am I gonna do, it is what it is...

It is kind of an unusual day, with Kim gone at work all day. We'll go out tonight and grab a bite unless she wants to hold out for one of her favorite restaurants that happen to be closed on Mondays, and there are a couple. That will be her call...I suspect we will go out and get something and hit Caruso's later on this week.

I head over to a buddy's house across the island for a literature/book study at 8a this morning with another guy as well so there are 3 of us. I think my buddy Mark and I are going to start our Monday morning golf routine as well today but I'm not perfectly sure but I suspect he's going to be ready.

So that was kind of the weird start to my day. 

We do have a possibility for a place for Kim to live. She needs to meet with them and work some stuff out. i am not going to elaborate until there is a better idea if it's truly a possibility or not....

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