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Friday, March 23, 2012


Well,'s another day and surprise, surprise...we have some adversity in our lives again today, my health and Kim's employment. And you know what? I'm not gonna sweat the small stuff or agonize over things that ultimately we have no control over.

K is facing a layoff today and from what we are hearing it sounds pretty likely. She has already contacted the temp agency and they have something for her if that is indeed the case. As a matter of fact it almost sounds like a better situation then the one she is in now. That is the nature of the beast...she works as a temp. They have work, good paying work she just has to be flexible and that is where I have really come to admire her...she has stayed flexible, and kept her eyes on the ultimate prize: Keeping the FAITH.

So far her attitude is good and that keeps her viable to the agency as someone they place. It doesn't feel very secure but I'll let you all in on a little secret. No matter what your job is, no matter if your just hired in or have been there for this day and age it is NOT secure...job security, especially in manufacturing jobs is an illusion. I was in management the last half of a 24 year career and trust me, people are the first thing they dispose of or replace.

They'll never admit it but you are NOT a human being you are an "asset" just like a fork-lift, a tape machine or a power drill. a person, are less-valuable then manufacturing "floor space" or a major machine like a CNC Router worth a million or more dollars. Get over's true. We were taught to detach from our Human Assets so there would be NO emotion involved when we eliminated the job of a 25 year employee who just re-mortgaged his house because he has 3 kids in college. I've seen grown , tough, typically unemotional, stoic men blubber like babies when being told that their services were "no longer needed.

 For K I think it's better this way, she never loses sight of that fact that this is all temporary and there fore she stays flexible and open-minded at all times. In the end...that is what's going to make it work. And she has handled this situation pretty darn well because she knows the reality of the situation.

I'm not even going to discuss my's just part of the usual ups and too shall pass.

The "Summer Interlude" we have been experiencing for the last couple of weeks with mid-80 degree temps, looks like it's coming to an end though it's still going to be in the low 70's today but with rain showers. Still awesome weather for mid-March so hey, we'll take it.

We have a full weekend so I am hoping I can physically handle it. I'm sure it will work out...There are certain things that are up in the air, due to some difficulty beyond our control so I'm hoping that gets resolved today and they get their act together. I don't expect it to happen but hey, God works in mysterious ways. For K's sake more then anything, I hope it does.

We'll catch you a bit later.

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