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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Off To See The Wizard...

I'm not exactly traveling the Yellow Brick Road but hey...OLD 27 here in S Michigan will have to suffice. Busy morning today after more frustration yesterday/last week  with stuff that is beyond my control. I can't really go into detail on a public blog because it involves children and parental custody but it's just a very difficult and frustrating situation and it can really take it's toll on a relationship.

It's a good thing that we are working through some pre-marriage counseling right now so we are able to talk through it. Actually, communication is an area where we have always done really well so I think we would have worked through it anyway but still, it's nice to have that extra help, some unbiased feedback as it were, especially with such a tough and emotional subject as this.

We are in the process of moving K, so we are up early and heading over to the storage building to pick up a antique oak dresser/cabinet for her new digs before heading into town. Then it's off to see the ladies for a little Saturday morning Bible Reading...honest to goodness, it's my favorite hour of the week!

The awesome thing about K's move is that she is just 3 houses away so we just get a car or truck load and when it's full just drop it of at the new place. So that basically is the weekend's work...she is just going to pick away at it as she goes. It should be a great weekend, especially considering how it started off.

So have a good Saturday morning and perhaps...time permitting...we'll see you a bit later.

(PHOTO By Kathy Tomson)

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