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Friday, March 2, 2012

Oatmeal Boy or Obsessive Eating Pattern Boy?

I don't know if this is typical human behavior or just one of my quirks but I started thinking about this while I was eating my oatmeal this I have EVERY morning for the last 6 weeks or so about 2-3 hours after I wake up.

I get on these food kicks and it's not just for breakfast but I'll use the oatmeal as an example. As far back as I can remember I will find a food I really like for a specific purpose...breakfast or snack and for a certain length of time...I will basically default to that specific food eating habit/pattern for an unnamed amount of time. I've been doing "quick Oats" for six weeks for breakfast (Kim turned me onto it one Sunday after church) and it could suddenly end tomorrow or I have had things like my Honey Bunches of Oats ( The Walmart Generic Version) obsession for a snack in the evening go on for several years.

And when it's over it's OVER...almost like I could never take a bite of the stuff ever again at first and I rarely go back to those "obsessions" from the past...I will eat it but only once in awhile but never again on a regular basis.

I've gone through green chili frozen burritos, EGGO Waffles, Bratwurst on the grill for lunch, one/apple and one orange every morning (I still do this and have for years), English Muffin's with hat ham/melted cheese sandwiches and the list goes on...

I suspect that whatever causes this pattern/obsession is somehow related to the addictive personality thing. And I'm not saying it's actually even a negative thing though it can be (my recent huge bowl of ice cream every day with peanuts/chocolate sauce) depending on the food.

I am just curious how others approach their eating habits. I am really trying to make some changes in my diet. My eating habits, lack of exercise due to my disability and my physical illnesses off late have added about 30 lbs to my frame from 3 years ago. I carry it OK except I have an unseemly and getting larger gut...I seem to put weight on ONLY in my stomach, illness is part of that.

I need to get creative with exercise because I can't run or ride a regular bike and change my diet to a healthier, but still energy providing one. So I am really starting to look at this healthier lifestyle much more seriously then before. to a couple of meetings this morning...

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