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Friday, March 30, 2012

Waiting at the PO

I'm waiting at the post office for the office to open to drop off a Priority Mail envelope that is already pre-paid. It drives me freaking nuts that I can't just drop this off in the box. If there are ten people in line...I still have  to wait.
The Coldwater PO drives me Mad anyway because they don't open until 830a...what a joke. Oh well...what else is happening, eh?

I had a buddy text me later and tell me that they just drop their envelopes in the box and they've had no issue doing it. i'm not sure if it is the same envelope, pre-paid package or not. But when I first started doing this 2 years ago, one of the Postal Workers really got on me for doing that saying it was against the rules. When I did look them up on the info I got with the Winter's worth of envelopes and pre-pay postage stamps, it did say you could not just drop it off in the lobby mail box, that you had to hand it directly to a postal worker at the front desk. So who's confusing but it sure would save me the hassle.

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