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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dream A, REALLY BIG Dream!

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I was reading one of my Fav Blogs a little while ago, Christine Macdonald and she wrote a post called: "I'd buy that for a dollar" about the recent Mega Millions lotto being nearly $400,000,000...that's an awful lot of zero's folks!! 

I have to admit, that when it gets like that, I let myself dream too and i'll buy $5 worth of tickets.I wouldn't even know where to begin if by some miracle I hit into that kind of $$$. But I'd be thankful that it was happening now when I am fairly certain I would spend millions on charity instead of cocaine and other nasty little evils! Back then...during my using days...I'd be dead in a week! No doubt about it...

Ever wonder what you would do? These days I don't ever really even let my mond go there but I suppose I do a lot of cool stuff to help others...addicts, homeless, the hungry, Cancer...are just some of the causes near and dear to my heart.Certainly's just that even if Uncle Sam would take half of 400 Million that still leaves an incredible amount of money left though I am under no can peter even THAT kind of money away if you are foolish with it.

Plus...just think how many "friends" you would have?! Oh man what a hassle that would be...everybody would want a piece of the pie.

Oh well, I was just kicking the ideas around after reading Christine's post. And speaking of Christine...if you have not had a chance to visit her Blog (link above) please do's fantastic and a fascinating story of growing up a Stripper in Waikiki and how she eventually got out of that life. I highly recommend it...

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  1. 400 million! Dare to Dream, indeed! Thanks for the love, love!

    I'm off to get my tickets... :)