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Monday, March 12, 2012

Priorities Change & So I'm A Plumber Now!

I sound like a complete lunatic saying this but I have felt euphoric all afternoon simply because I fixed a broken garbage disposal and backed up sink & dishwasher this morning with out needing to call (and PAY) for a plumber!

I find this amusing on several levels that unfortunately, dear reader you probably will not...but since I'm driving this particular "BLOG BUS"...I get to write about it anyway...boring or not. Of course in a click you can go elsewhere else but it's fair I suppose!

I never cared about money before...I'd call a plumber without really thinking about it because I was busy, sure but mostly because I didn't want to bother and I had no respect for money. So naturally I am pleased that I spent part of 2 days working on it and got it fixed...sound ridiculous to most people who when something breaks they fix it...but with something like this I doubt I would have bothered.

It isn't as if I'm not handy around the house because my father is and I learned a lot from him. I always used to do all that kind of stuff....all the lawn tractor maintenance, power equipment, home repairs,etc. but at some point my time became more of a priority to me personally...because I worked so much and put in unbelievably long, ridiculously long hours at my job. Because of that, I needed the rest of the time to myself, to drink. I was not the type of guy who grabbed a beer and changed the oil on my Harley or rode the lawn tractor. Drinking was too much of a priority and I knew that I drank too fast and too I didn't do good work plus it took all the so-called fun out of boozing it up..

But the mess I had in the kitchen this weekend was so bad I really thought I was going to have to break down and call a plumber, I had tried every thing that I could think of...I just love how my life therefore my priorities and point of view have changed and it is definitely a snowball effect.

And I could point out that kind of dynamic in several important areas of my life and that is just one of the little rewards that you never think of when you are trying to make a major change in your life, like trying to quit drinking. The fact that I became much more responsible and organized really is a benefit but that would not have seemed important at the time. No I just felt sorry for myself because I couldn't live like I wanted to...But you learn to live differently and you grow.


  1. It is quite another feeling to get the job done to yourself The feeling of succes, I can do it by myself is wonderful. Not everybody has this talents great!