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Monday, March 12, 2012

Curves In The Road of LIFE

 Once again I'm having a difficult night trying to get a good night's sleep. But it is a different scenario then before because I actually was able to sleep for the first 2-3 hours so I am not really missing a night...just the second half of it. Perhaps it's a blessing  in never knows.

I've been plagued lately with quite a bot of doubt the last few days/nights...questioning myself, well not myself per-say but the decisions I have made or are in the process of making...not really feeling comfortable about where things are going. That isn't a necessarily a problem...In a way, I think it's somewhat normal, healthy even to re-think your position and at least be open to change it if circumstance's change.

I just can't tell if my circumstances have changed because at times it feels like they have changed, then at other times it doesn't. It's confusing and there does not really seem to be a right answer...but that is SO typical of life...choose what fits bests, then move forward.

In addition to the obvious major things that I have going on like my relationship with Kim, my health, finances, etc...there have been a few of life's curve balls these last few days which just complicates things. Oh well...what else have I got going on other then life...right?!

OK, gotta move on and get a few things done here before I head out to a theology book study at 8a...we'll have to catch you after that.

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