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Monday, March 26, 2012

It's TIME!

I don't know whether to allow myself to get a bit excited about today or take my usual tack and expect the K has an interview with one of the best companies in the country to work for...I'm not kidding. It is definitely one of this area's premier employers and the simple fact that she is getting an interview is an accomplishment but's NOT enough.

She wants and deserves more so off she goes to another interview. And she has gone to quite a few in the 6-8 weeks she has been at this. She also has a great Temp job in the interim. I just support her the best I can but it's hard because I want the best for her and I can be tough.
I interviewed and hired people for production jobs for the better part of a decade so I tend to think I know what to do.

Honestly the best thing I can do is let her be...oh yea...say a prayer. If you aren't busy this morning at 9a ET, perhaps you could think of my Kimmi and say a little's time, it's her time.

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