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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The FUTURE is The KEY That Unlocks The Agony

A long, cool and rather DAMP of those busy running errands and getting chores done. It was a good day.  It is exciting because this past week has been filled with some really good news and thought there is a set back in relation to Kim seeing her daughter, her job situation and her living  needs are being met is nothing short of spectacular fashion.

We will still need a bit of time to get this all sorted out . But we will and we are simply's truly been a blessing coming at at a time when we never expected it. Kim really has earned this with her faith, hard work and perseverance. She received NO support from home and family, quite frankly their behavior on the whole was despicable, abusive and honestly their use of a child against her own mother is one of the sickest intentional acts of attempted extortion and manipulation I have not only ever seen but even HEARD of. I don't know how they sleep. Of course this was surpassed only by the even worst behavior by her X. Their behavior is criminal in my mind, certainly emotionally and psychologically if not physically by the lies she is being told.

All we can do is document, report and prepare...that is what this is all about...the future and age of consent. Remember those 3 words...                                                                                                                              


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