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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bits...Pieces & Such

Well...I'm not sure how my Bud's fared with their Mega Millions Lotto tickets but I'm not 400 million dollars richer this morning! It looks like NOBODY hit the jackpot last night so it is up to nearly 500 million dollars (and should exceed that easily by drawing time!) by Friday evening. That is a dollar figure that simply boggles the mind for a single winner.'s fun to dream and think of all the endless possibilities one would have but the reality is it's not happening. Unfortunately some folks live in a dream world and really believe that the Lottery is going to solve all their problems. Uh..not happening people....time to get back to the real world...

Well, we have had a shift in the weather here in lower Michigan back to typical Spring weather, cool and wet. But so far Spring has really been a welcome change in our weather reality.

I have mentioned that I am usually not one who feels their mood fluctuate much because of the weather. I don't find myself getting bummed out more during the long, dark and grey days of winter. I don't crave endless days of Sun and as a matter of fact I rather enjoy the variety of experiencing all 4 seasons in their full glory.

That being said I must confess that I am not as hard core in my feelings about that as I used to be. I have given some thought to the idea of spending winter in a warmer place where snow removal isn't such a priority...because let's face it, it is getting harder and harder for me physically to get around, clear the snow and do other things like I used to. Plus the bitter, cold air does see to impact me more negatively then it used to...basically causing me much pain, basically all over my body but particularly in my back, hips, shoulders, feet and knees.

But there is still much time before those kind of decisions have to be made and plus...I am no longer making decisions as a single entity...I am a "team"  of two from now on and that is exciting. So we need to find where Kim's employment leads and follow that trail for now. 

We really have been fortunate with all the opportunities for interviews she has had and for her current temporary's been an awesome set of circumstances and one that I'll admit, has tried MY faith more then a little bit. But we are making progress and we are excited to see where this leads so we take another step forward today in this journey toward a brand new life together.

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